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beach-wedding in collogne, 2013.8.17th, english

[Link zum deutschen Beitrag]

Summer, sun, beach, a beautiful bride, a groom not less beautiful, people chatting happily along in german, spanish, english, dutch, so You might think You are in – doesn´t matter what You think… Your are in Germany, Cologne, at Seepavillion Fühlinger Sea. There Anna and Ariel married, accompanied by their families from Germany and Argentina, and friends from the USA and from the Netherlands, to share this special day with them. And amongst the guest were Anna´s grandparents and they took part in the ceremony by holding the wedding candle for Anna and Ariel to ignite. At this moment there stood 4 people close to each other, two to celebrate their  60th anniversary next year embracing the two to start their marriage. It was just a magic moment, so gentle and at the same time full of power – and thinking about it I am close to tears – again.  More about it You´ll find here …almost 60 years …
I wish all „my couples“ a marriage as long and loving as Peter and Gerda´s.

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sa ghairdín na dtuismitheoirí, 2013.08.10th, english

[Link zum deutschen Beitrag]

… is irish and means:*  „in the parent´s garden“

Two flags were fluttering in the sun at Anja´s and Diarmuid´s the wedding: the irish and the german, because in the beautiful garden of Anjas´s parents a big family-party took place. Diarmuid`s family from Ireland, Anja´s german family as well as friends from Scotland and England gathered for a happy come-together and a decent party. The garden was lovely decorated with lots of details, and the drawing of the couple done by Anja and Diarmuid themselves was to be found on the invitation for the guests as well as at sign-posts and the table lights. Friends and family enriched the ceremony with music und everyone felt the deep love of bride and groom for each other. That was partly due to me switching in my speach between english and german but mostly for the happiness radiating from Anja and Diarmuid. And so one of the most beautiful love-declarations was to be heard spoken by Diarmuid to Anja:
I love you, because no one holds my heart like You do.
And I have to admit: I fall in love! Again… with „the irish“ and being so hearty and humorous in general and especially with Diarmuids dad, who stood up for an impromptu speech to let everyone know how very happy the family is with the love of Anja und Diarmuid.

*(says the online-translator …)

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… almost 60 years ….

(link to the german article)

When two people are about to marry, usually some things already have happened:

Getting to know each other, being light-headed, falling in love. Usually they live together and had to conquer the necessary obstacles of daily live such as shopping and cleaning up as well as enjoying the wonderful moments together, big and small ones.

The knowledge to have found the one and only person for the rest of your live is often obtained by moments of great happiness and the joy of sharing them.
And by the experience that you are not alone in times of deep weakness and sometimes in moments of your heart’s anguish.

In the weddings I officiate I try to let everyone take part, the couple and their families, the friends, all the people who are there on this special day.
Take part in these special moments. Without being too detailed about them, more like telling how the couple felt, when these situations happened in their live. Always gentle and carefully, and joyfully and smiling with all of you about the things worth laughing.

When, like today, the bride´s grandparents are with us, who are going to celebrate their 60th!!!! wedding anniversary next year, that´s alone a great honour and a wonderful perspective for all of us in this fast live we life in.

When Peter and Geda stepped up to me after the wedding today and told me, that, aside of their own wedding, the ceremony today was one the nicest they ever had attended, I was and still am deeply touched. I feel deeply honoured. And I guess, I did manage it a bit to share the special magic of this couple´s love.

Gerda and Peter, I became acquainted to You today. It is a great pleasure for me.

More about the wedding of Ariel and Anna at Füllinger See/Cologne soon to come here. But that’s also something a blog is good for: to share the things which make my soul like overflowing.

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